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Animal Aid for Vermilion Area
Abbeville LA
15 12 Chance
by LaLlorona
bcsoaco animal control
T, Grable Brazoria County Sheriff's Office Livestock and Animal Control Division Angleton, TX ( Brazoria County) Location: 45 Minutes South Of Houston, Tx PH: 979-388-2365 Cell : 979-997-2486 PLEASE DO NOT RE POST ON FACEBOOK OR SOCIAL MEDIA AS SUCH. FOR RESCUES ONLY VIA EMAIL.
1 1 8-19-16 - OUT OF TIME - MANY ...
by LaLlorona
Forgotten Dog Rescue
10 10 About
by LaLlorona
German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County
Eighty four dogs. Yes, 84. This is one fantastic rescue. These are German Shepherd Dogs who are in the loving care of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, a four star rescue! They have done their part. The rest is up to us. Foster, adopt, transport, donate, attend events, and more. #GermanShepherdRescueOrangeCounty
26 26 Update
by LaLlorona
OId Dog Haven
Old Dog Haven is a small nonprofit group using a large network of foster homes to provide a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs. When we have room and the means (current expenses are 60k a month for approximately 290 dogs in foster homes), we take these dogs into our homes. We adopt out those dogs with a reasonable life-expectancy. We care for the rest in permanent foster home (what we call “Final Refuge”) for as long as they have good quality of life. ODH pays for ALL medical expenses as well as any medically necessary food. In addition, we try to assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through our website and referrals. My two little ODH dogs are Nikki and Lucy
1 1 Old Dog Haven: A New Event
by LaLlorona
Operation Kindness
Operation Kindness 3201 Earhart Dr Carrollton, TX 75006 972-418-PAWS (7297)
2 2 Where Happiness Begins
by LaLlorona
Noah's Ark 121 116 Bentley
by LaLlorona
Ouachita Parish, West Monroe, LA 4 3 Ouachita Lists
by LaLlorona
Ventura County Animal Shelter 9 9 Save Two Animals
by LaLlorona
     Karma, Fate, The Universe
The Universe Strikes Back
Call it whatever you wish. It's glorious!
17 15 British hunter killed by buff...
by LaLlorona
     Dangerous Shelters or Dangerous Situations or Just Needs to Be Seen
Deadlines & Emergencies 1360 1315 Pinta
by LaLlorona
Animals who have been in the shelter for months, or a year, and sometimes two years. The latest studies are that a dog needs 6 months to recover from the shelter stay. Please do not let that deter you from rescuing or adopting. Dogs manage to clear the cobwebs out of their minds a whole lot faster than we do. And there are guidelines available to help an adopter with a dog who has had a prolonged stay in a shelter.
99 94 Senior Chi Adopted
by LaLlorona
Seasonal and More..... 119 115 The 10 Week Countdown Begins
by LaLlorona
Special Needs 10 10 12y senior
by LaLlorona
     Horses & Wolves
Horse rescues, news on BLM, horses needing homes.
186 178 2 Horses Die on Preakness Day...
by LaLlorona
Endangered Species: Wolf, Lions and Everything Else
Expanded to include any endangered species and/or animals subjected to cruel and vicious killing sprees.
121 113 Red Wolves - Driven to Extinc...
by LaLlorona
Fosters 24 24 Fosters for local animal resc...
by LaLlorona
     Causes, Rescues, Shelters, Money, Dog Issues
Causes & Groups & Issues
Medical, Spay/Neuter Clinics
200 194 Issue: Animal Experimentation
by LaLlorona
Increasing Adoptions & Improving Lives 105 104 Faith!
by LaLlorona
Interesting Sites 14 14 Smashwords
by LaLlorona
Grants, Fundraising, Events 210 206 Angel City Pit Bulls
by LaLlorona
Legislation, Procedures, Rules, Regs, Petitions
All kinds of stuff.
279 272 International Protest Against...
by LaLlorona
Feline Friends of all Varieties
Cats: all kinds, all ages, all circumstances. Everywhere. Anywhere. Discussion, questions, ideas.
251 247 Everybody should have this!
by LaLlorona
Lost & Found 137 137 Lost: Thousand Palms
by LaLlorona
     International Rescue
India, Other Countries; International Rescue 22 21 A Tijuana Dog: Life on the St...
by LaLlorona
     East of the Mississippi River
East of the Mississippi 88 86 Illinois, Macomb, Animal cont...
by LaLlorona
     West of the Mississippi
by LaLlorona
California 24 24 They got out alive!
by LaLlorona
New Mexico
Bridging The Worlds, Santa Fe, New Mexico
65 62 New Mexico, Pet connection, A...
by LaLlorona
     Breeds & Descriptions & Situations
Highly Adoptable 44 41 NM, ALBQ., EASTSIDE, cutest l...
by LaLlorona
German Shepherd Dogs 392 381 Stunning for real!
by LaLlorona
Hounds & Curs 407 388 Handsome Heavenly Hounds!
by LaLlorona
Molosser Descended Dogs I USED to just say "Molosser Breeds" or "Molosser Dogs" but someone took that to mean that I thought Molosser was a breed. I know it's not a breed. It is a CATEGORY of dogs that are considered to be descended from THE SAME ancient Molosser dogs.
148 136 Cat Injures Two People & a Do...
by LaLlorona
Small Dogs, Terrier Types 85 82 As cute as they come! Shadow....
by LaLlorona
     Animal Behavior
Animal Behavior & Genetics & Breed I.d.s 165 161 The Painting Horse
by LaLlorona
Odds and Ends 200 192 Study Of Breast Cancer Treatm...
by LaLlorona
The good and the bad.
199 195 Wireless Fiber
by LaLlorona
One of Our Fifty Is Missing
And I have had enough.
5 4 The One Only Original New Mex...
by LaLlorona

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